CARIVALL – fashion boutique in vienna

CARIVALL stands for an exciting mix of European fashion labels. The soulful, feminine works of Spanish and Italian designers flirt with the partly experimental, but always dynamic trends of aspiring German and Danish fashion designers. There is one thing all of our pieces have in common – the quality of the pieces exclusively manufactured in Europe meets the highest requirements.

Always on the lookout for this interplay of extravagant and elegant CARIVALL travels through all of Europe to find unique fashion labels which do not follow the mainstream. The result is fashion that can be everything – feminine and straightforward, modest and at the same time self-confident for mothers, for daughters, for everyday life as well as for the evening.

CARIVALL is the treasure hunter among the fashion stores of Vienna. On our travels through the big and the small fashion capitals we always find a fashion gem that finds the way to our store like this. And just like we go on voyages of discovery our clients do, too, in our store. Shopping as an adventure, far off the internet or the fashion catalogue. There is something for every woman.

Carivall, fashion boutique in Vienna
Carivall Boutique - Heide Vallinkoski

And the price is right. Because CARIVALL bets on small, fine labels that want to stay exquisite. Whether blouse or skirt, shoe or scarf – you can see the passion of the designer in every single piece. And many of those pieces are handmade in small quantities and with lots of love. Fashion is an expression of individuality. At our store the heart of the designer meets the heart of the self-confident woman who wears his or her unique creations.

The heart of confirmed fashionistas beats in CARIVALL. This boutique was not only named after Carita and Hedi Vallinkoski but they also advise and look afer their clients themselves. “Just like individual fashion for our boutique is important to us, we also focus on individual customer service” Hedi and Carita get to the heart of it. And the growing fandom of this exclusive “fashion treasure chest” proves the store concept right.

CARIVALL, situated in the heart of Vienna, is not an ordinary downtown fashion store. CARIVALL attracts self-confident women who put emphasis on quality and individuality. Here you can look for the right piece in a cosy atmosphere as if it was your own walk-in closet. And every woman gets advice and support.

You find us in Fischhof 3, at Vienna´s first district. Just 50 meters from the famous “Anker-Clock” at the Hohen Markt and 20 meters from Rotenturmstraße. You want to get news about our new collections and sales? Inscribe the “carivall fashion news” ! See you soon!

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